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Each day you will find me somewhere along
the Long Island coastline awaiting my gift.  
As the sun peeks over the horizon the
ribbon is untied and the beauty of the gift is
unveiled.  Sometimes it shows itself in
vibrant reds and oranges, sometimes soft
shades of pink.  Sometimes, it hides behind
clouds and teases me with only a single ray
reflecting on the water.

"Learn to pause...or nothing
worthwhile will catch up to you."    

And pause I do.  With camera in hand, I
climb around rocks, stand among the sea
oats, and sometimes get caught by the
incoming wave.  My goal is always to see
the sunrise and sunset - my gifts - and
photograph them in such a way that they
become your gifts.  It is my pleasure and joy
to be sharing them with you.

Tom Thorson
 "Each day comes bearing it's own gifts.  Untie the ribbons."